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Hi all; I am fairly experienced , been building my own boxes since Pentium 1 days (lol you'll never need more than 8mb video or 128mb RAM, anyone remember that?) looking to upgrade or possibly build whole new system ..this is my current rig/box

CPU = Q6600 ..MB = XFX 680i LT ... RAM = Corsair 800Mhz 4GB (4 sticks 1GB each)

GPU = XFX 8800 GTS (512MB each) x2 in SLI

HD = Seagate 7200.10 (250GB SATA 3GB/s)

PSU = CoolerMaster 750W (80+ bronze cert)

DVD = LG burner (not SATA)

CASE = Lian Li (forgot exact model, but its Full Tower 6 bay, plenty of room, brushed alum, nice and cool, with plenty of room for air flow)

MONITER = Dell 24" widescreen , Native 1900x1200
Purpose of rig is Primarily gaming, (prolly 90% of the time) occasionaly surfing, email, and rarely burn a dvd)
might do some mild OverClocking (though I generally wont OC, till after the warrranty has expired anyway)

Budget up to $1500 max I would say , but of course I want to get the best 'bang for buck' ..while having something that will last , and has as much 'future proofing' as possible..(might want to try Eyfinity/NVsurround in the future )these of course are subjective and relative...
I am not 'brand loyal' per se, have switched back and forth between ATi and NVidia, Seagate and WD, etc over the years , as I know every company swaps leads and trades blows, and out do each other, and occasionally put out of a line of, shall we say 'not so hot' products ..though I do favor Intel over AMD in the CPU dept, I am a fan larger Cache size

Parts not needed = case, PSU , OS, KB, Mouse , Moniter, Speakers, etc

now heres where Im stuck ... been reading a lot about SLI and Crossfire , and x16 vs x8 , etc etc

my current MB has PCIe 1.0 (or 1.1) ..but has 2 true x16 lanes ...would like to give Sandy Bridge a try, but they only offer x8 ...but most are saying x8 wont affect much. (currently, but who knows in the future when games might start using all this great new hardware to its full bandwith and potential) ... now what I am wondering is could I go with say a single 580 and use the GTS as a PhysX card (or would the older card, not work or cripple the new card ) in my current MB or even a tri-SLI (in a new MB) with a new card and the 2 GTS? does anyone know if a setup like has been tested anywhere? I could not find any ..sorry for the lengthy post ..but's its complicated situation, any and all advice is welcome and greatly apriciated ..Thanks in advance for your time and help.
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  1. hey there, welcome to the forums.

    The first thing I wanna say is that 8x vs 16x does not matter. It's 8x vs 4x that matters.

    And with that said, you might want to check out this thread: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/312822-31-bestconfigs-budget-intel-based-gaming It has a lot of good builds, throw another vid card in them and you are right on budget!
  2. 2500k
    2x 4 gig of RAM
    motherboard with sli and an nf200 southbridge to supply another pci-e x 16 slot for your physics card
    a pair of gtx 570's
    Radeon 6970's
  3. Fill out the new build form in the new build section.
  4. thanks for the quick responses ... Striker410 ..does ths SBM allow deals from Neweggs newsletters ? sometimes they have some pretty nice deals in there, but in like a 48hr window sale ...for example latest one has a 2500k ..for $209 instead of the $224 ..do those count, I would assume not, since not everyone gets the newsletter..but for another example I saw some G.skill 2x4GB kits with 8-8-8-24 @1600 (PC12800) for $99 ..but it was like a shellshock 24hr window..do those kinds of deals count? or does the deal have to be 'linkable' until the end ? thanks again

    Outlander ..yeah I was looking at something similar to that setup, but was kind of wondering If I could use my old 8800GTS as PhysX card, or would that gimp the newer cards ? as well wondering about how PhysX would work in say a TriSLI , with 3rd card as PhysX @ x4 or even x1 ..havent been able to find much info on using a card as old mine for that ..thanks though :)

    GeekApproved ...omw there now ..thanks :)
  5. Usually combos and promo codes are not included in SBM so you could save money of SBM builds by using them. As for physics gimping your SLi, you can set what piece of hardware you want to do physics in the Nvidia control panel so as long as you set the 8800 GTS to physics it shouldnt hamper the performance of the 570's in SLi or whatever you decide on getting. It should only do phys x if the game/benchmark whatever has the ability to use phys x(correct me if I am wrong). And the 8800GTS should be good for physX, read somewhere that you should use a 8800 GT or higher, might have been Tom's. Also if you have the budget and really want to upgrade I would suggest filling out the new build form and creating a new topic instead of editing this one, just to keep the discussion easy to follow.
  6. I like a man who likes to spend money...... wisely. Do yourself a favor. Buy a 6950 2gig card and then decide weather or not you need to upgrade. My system is "similar" to yours. From my standpoint you should only need a good graphics card. I'd play the machine until it was dead after that....... dead meaning really needing to replace cpu/ram/board, etc.
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