RAM Voltage Problem??

Hey guys, pretty new here so don't really know what to say and whatnot but I appear to have made a small mistake.

I bought this motherboard to start an i5 build: Gigabyte Ga-H61M-D2H-Usb3

Now my friend runs the same system as what i want to build (only his is an i7) and he told me to buy this RAM: Patriot Memory G2 DDR3 1333Mhz

Now the problem i have is the board has a recommended DIMM socket voltage of only 1.5V and the RAM that i have ordered is 1.65V, my friends system works great with the same 2 components but i just don't want to have any problems so i though i would come to you guys for help. Will the RAM i have ordered still work in my system or will i have to buy new RAM? Can i mess with the voltage to make things work stably or would that not be a wise thing to do?

All help would be much appreciated, thanks, Camron.
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  1. From Patriot: http://patriotmemory.com/support/faq1p.jsp?source=faq&id=229

    You're probably fine. If your board allows it you might try undervolting it a little in case you are worried. From what I've heard, 1.65v is the max safe ram voltage for sandy/ivy bridge systems. Reading through the motherboard's supported ram list also shows several supported models listed @1.65v.
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