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Hi guys,

I am going to build a gaming rig in May and I was wondering what anyones thought on the Palit GTX 560 Ti with 2GB of VRAM (which I want 2 to SLI), there doesn't seem to be any reviews about it, yes the 1GB version but not the 2GB, is it really necessary to have 2GB of VRAM or not.
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  1. Depends on your resolution and the price difference. With SLI I would spring for the 2gb in case you ever decide to play in 3d vision surround or get a 2560x1600 screen.
  2. 2gb ram only becomes better at really high resolutions and does help a little in metro2033 and example of the 6950 1gb and 2gb.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I generally have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 on all my games that support it, for the price it's around 22 GBP difference.

    It seems that only Palit and Gainward offer a 2GB version of the GTX 560 Ti every other make only does a 1GB version.
  4. I have/had one of those 2gig gtx560's.... Palit..... RMA-ing it today. There are no ram cooling and the heat generated on the back of the card ( power circuitry ) makes the card spit and sputter when being used hard. Not good while gaming. Upping the fan speed helped a little but sound becomes annoying after while. Running 2 of those would be a nightmare. Bad choice for a card.
    Also, the "only at high res" thing........... above 1900 I find extra ram a real benefit especially when turn the settings up. You may never use the full 2gigs a card has to offer but MORE than 1gig is needed a lot of time. You should rethink your plan.
  5. Thanks, I would really prefer to get 2 GTX 570's If I can get the Money for them at least I would have 1280MB of VRAM, they are only 64 GBP more than a GTX 560 Ti, well the MSI one is.
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