EVGA GTX 260 core 216 superclocked.


Does anyone know of a store or stores in Toronto that MIGHT have some slightly older computer equipment? I'm searching for a used or slightly used EVGA GTX 260 CORE 216 SUPERCLOCKED card for another system I just put together. I live on the border of Scarborough and Pickering so i'm not sure. I drive so thats not a problem. Anyone know of a good store I can call or browse? LOL!

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  1. Id look on ebay, I see gtx 260s being sold on there all the time for around 80 or less, your not going to find second hand stuff like that in retail stores generally, computer shops will rip you off and sell you a gtx 260 for the price it was when released, I would not pay more then 90-100 dollars for a used gtx 260 personally, I'd go hunt on ebay or check these out:

    2 of mine:


  2. I have looked into this also, ive seen some zotac factory reurbished items for sale, but for the price they were going for you may as well get a new 5770 which provides similar performance + dx11 + uses less power
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