Hello everyone.

I live on the Scarborough and Pickering Border and I drive so distance is not a problem. Does anyone know of any stores that might have some used graphics cards on display? I recently put together a new high powered system, and I would like to try and find a 2nd EVGA GTS 260 CORE 216 SUPERCLOCKED CARD for my system. Does anyone know of any stores that might have some older cards sitting around? Anyone know of anyone who has one and might be wanting to part ways with it? Everytime I come accross an ad for one for sale, by the time I email it they are gone.

If anyone could help i'd appreciate it. Its truly a great card and not one problem with it.
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  1. Welcome to Toms HW, it is a great place to get info fast, however, there is no need to start multiple identical threads, your original post is still on the top of the list, multiple threads just creates confusion for mods and posters, sorry if you did not intend to do this, I'm just trying to help you out a bit with some friendly advice since I see that you are relatively new to the site :) I hope you find my advise on your first thread to be useful...
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