How to update BIOS if I can't get past post?

New CPU, RAM, Mobo. Every time I power up my computer goes through the post screen and I get this message

I've reset the RCT RAM by using the jumper, and reseated the CMOS battery.

Looking at ASUS's bios updates, it looks like my revision (0906) is not the newest, there is a newer one which improves system stability and memory compatibility, which I think might help considering I was having memory compatibility issues until I got new RAM. But I don't understand how I am supposed to update my bios if I can't get past the post screen, this is what I would like help with the most.

Concerning the "USB Device Over Current Status Detected" error, I have nothing plugged into the USB except for a keyboard, and the mobo is brand new so I don't see how that could be an issue. When I hold delete as it boots up to enter bios, it still only goes to this screen.

Specs -
Motherboard - ASUS P8Z77-V Pro
RAM - 16GB (4x4GB) G. Skill Ripjaws X - F3-14900CL9Q-16GBXL
CPU - Intel i7-3770K
GPU - Radeon HD 6870
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  1. Have you pressed F1 gone into the bios and set everything to auto or default? Check the memory settings for correct voltage, speed and timings. Many times they are not set correctly by the default bios. Check the bios settings for the USB devices. The error refers to the bios sensing the devices getting improper voltage from the MB. The MB may be defective.
    you have the same feature the z77 sabertooth has you dont need to power or the cmos fi key to flash the bios.
    to use the usb flashback button all you need to do is download the next bios above 0906 the nrename it in the flashback bios guild on asus web page. make sure the bios file is in the root of a fat32 formated usb stick. with the power supply turned on and power led green on the mb press and hold the usb flash back button for three sec. you see it start blinking...when it start reading the flash back file the speed of the blinks will change..when done the flash back light will be off. when you power up from the bios flashback it say loading bios do not turn off pc till load the bios into the rom and it reboot.
  3. before you do that check your mouse and keyboard and usb headers..that a fault message that something shorting out the usb hub or pulling to much voltage and it a warning stop. i check to see if you bent or missed a pin on one of the usb ports.
  4. The Asus z77-pro can also flash the bios with only the power supply in, just take a look in the manual for details.

    I don't think thats actually your issue, but that does answer your question on how to update the bios without a post.

    First take a look if you didn't have some stray wire touching the lower part of your motherboard shorting 1 of the many usb's there. If it looks clear and you're sure you didn't misplug anything, try starting with 1 stick of ram and no inputs.
  5. Ok, yes I discovered the BIOS flashback in the manual, and am currently about to work on that. The biggest problem though seems to be the instability of the system. Even tho my RAM is directly from the Motherboard manual's list of compatible memory, the computer will randomly discontinue running (all lights and fans turn off except for the motherboard LED's) then turn back on, but it will only sometimes show any form of display. I got it to go to the bios once (despite hitting delete every time it runs) but that is extremely rare.
  6. that not the ram doing that..with the asus ram button and mb it tests the speed your ram can run before it posts. most time if it cant you get the red ram led. then you have to use the check ram button to see if the mb can read the ram jdec and set the speed. the fans turning off sound like a dead short or a bad power supply.
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