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PSU Usage % and Temp

Hi, is there any way to check your PSU's usage percentage? I'm wondering this because I have a Seasonic x750 PSU, meaning it uses Hybrid Silent Fan Control. The fan only spins when the temp or PSU usage output % is above a certain number. I just want to know if my fan is working properly; I can get paranoid about this kind of stuff. So can you? Thanks.
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    The Seasonic X series is one of the best enthusiast psu's out in existence. Unless your computer is gobbling up 300-400w's, the fan will not even spin up. If you're seriously paranoid about it then run up prime95 or some other stress testing program to push your computer and see if it you can really push your psu hard enough to make it spin up...

    you'll be hard pressed to do that unless you got a i5-2500k oc'd to 4.5ghz and a gtx 580 also oc'd ...
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