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P9x79 pro and Cooler Master Hyper 212+

Hi everyone!

I have just received my new MOBO and want to install the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ (with the LGA2011 bracket, of course)
the problem is, the backplate of the cooler won't/can't fit on the back of the MOBO for 2 reasons

1) the screws used to attach the backplate are too short and don't come all the way through the MOBO
2) there's a big metal thingie on the backside of the mobo which does not seem compatible with the backplate of the cooler

any suggestions?
do I really need the backplate?
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    On an X79 board, you screw the CPU cooler down onto the cooler mount already on the board. There are 4 screw holes around the socket built into the X79 motherboard. These are what you use.

    You don't use a backplate with X79 (with LGA 2011).

    The Hyper 212+ should be coming with an LGA 2011 mounting bracket these days, but it looks like it's sold separately:
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