I changed my cpu and now i have a stedy yellow light on

i have a dell optiplex gx620 tower with a 3.0 pentium d cpu i a bought a q6600 cpu from a friend and installed it now the tower wont turn on i have a steady yellow light on no beeps the dvd drive light up and works do i have to reset mt bios ?
i have a dell optiplex 755 with the same motherboard number and the same cpu so i thought i would put this cpu i didnt move any memory or power supply in the old cpu came out620 so i put the original cpu back n it works fine starts up is the cpu bad or not compatable how can i check if the cpu is good i grounded myself good and lapped the cpus with artic silver 5 paste i installed it the same way the old one came out any answers i would appreciate it thanks again mike
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    the opti 620's don't support any core2 based CPU's. The 620's are too old. Sorry.
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  3. actuallthe dellgx620 does come wi dual core but your motherbord has to be dual core compliant
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