Audio issue with a home theater computer.

I bought a radeon hd 5670 video card, and an lg blue ray player for my desktop. I have the computer connected to my pioneer elite receiver with an hdmi cable. I am only getting pcm cound. Why am i not getting dobly digital?
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  1. You need to make sure that you have selected dolby as an output to your receiver.
  2. Becasue PC audio typically isn't in Dolby format. If you aren't playing a Dolby soundtrack, you won't get dolby output.

    Besides, PCM is higher quality then Dolby anyways...
  3. I'd rather my receiver do the decoding.

    The option in powerdvd will not let me change the audio output once the dvd is playing. Shows the option for dolby mixing, but once the dvd starts i can only do pcm by power dvd.

    I've tried just about everything.

    The 5670 is HDCP compatible as is my audio receiver. Don't know what else can be the issue.
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