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PCIEx16_2 Slot Not Detected / Present

Hello i called Asus asking and basicly got no help. So figured id ask here My PCIEx16_2 slot is not detected or present. Yet 2 days ago i had 2 video cars working in it fine and then it just stopped and the bios can not re eneable it theres no option to do so so im wondering if there is a way to make it work again
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  1. Its a Sabertooth Z77 motherboard by the way
  2. did they tell you to swap the cards to see if the error followed the card or the slot?? did they also tell you to try one video card in the slot to see if the mb will see any card. also did you run the two bios patches 0906 for the new cpu code and 1015?? did asus tech also tell you to go in under advance setting and switch from auto setting in the bios to rev 2.0 then 1.0 to see if it the cards or the mb?? also with one video card in the main slot have you run gpu-z to see if the card is reading right. if it not a bent pin in the pci slots it could be a dirty card. see if there any dirt or oil on the fingers of the video cards.
  3. No i havent updated the bios but both video cards work ive switchd the slots they are in and they both work but when they go into the pci2 slot the monitor does not show up and the tech told me nothing informational at all which is why im here and the pci2 slot looks to be ok but the bios just says not detected / present and i have no idea what to do really
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    start by using the usb flash back and put the two bios updates..they update the cpu code for the bios and update the board for ram. after the update if the card not found power the pc down..take power off the ps and let the mb drain and use the reset bios jumper. on power up hit the f1 key and then save factory default. on reboot if the video card not see i would download gpu-z see if gpu-z see both cards. if it does not. i would power down the pc and swap cards. if the error still there and the new card is reading fine i would then call asus and do an rma.
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  6. yea im already setting up an RMA thanks anyways
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