Upgrading video card in sony vaio desktop

video grapic problem
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  1. You honestly expect a full answer, or even assistance with what you have provided?

    Please expand..

    It would help if you could explain:

    Budget on a new card?
    What current card you have?
    Planning to SLI/Crossfire?
    What Power Supply are you using?
    How much room do have in the case (Dimensional please)
    How old is this desktop?
    What is the model number of this Desktop?
    Buying in US,AU,UK?...ect?
    What games will you be playing?
    What screen will you be running?
    What do you expect from a new video card?
    Will you be overclocking?

    Last but not least... how does this relate to the "Drivers" Topic?

    Much Love,

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