Cpu temps, concerned about!!

phenom ii x4 955 BE...just stock cooling
gigabyte ga-ma785gm-us2h
ddr2 800 mhz 2 sticks
xfx 6770 1gb gpu
antec earthwatts 430 watts psu

Here's my current temps...idle 30c, youtube or movies 40c and gaming (main concern) I hit around 45c, like Battlefield bad com 2 or MW2. I just ran prime 95 for 10 hours and didn't hit more then 55c. I tried AMD overdrive stability test, but it was only about 51c max.

So am I over worrying on this new cpu, or any ideas to cool down. I also have under volted my mobo, to around 1.025 or so. Bumped down the North Bridge cpu also...-25. Any suggestions to bring these temps down. I had a Althon x4 and never hit more then 35c.

Thx, Steve
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  1. i really dont see a problem. over all the temps MIGHT be on the high side of average. but specifically under a full load and only @ 55, that isnt bad at all. it is rated to 70. put out another 20 or so bucks for a hyper 212 and you might not even break 50 under a load
  2. Ya, good friend and co-worker's got the hyper 212+, and he's got the same temp issues. Some games I get better temp levels, by 3-4 degrees. Just wanted some feedback, since new cpu. If should panic or no big deal. AMD shows max temp of 63c, but coretemp shows a max tj of 79.
  3. Those temps for a 955 BE are perfectly normal and no reason for concern at all.
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