Compatible video card for m2n32 sli deluxe?

Videocard: 8800GTS 640mb
Processor: Athlon 6000x2
Mainboard: Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe
Memory: 8GB DDR2 Corsair
PSU: 500wat
on Win XP Pro

My 8800 gts vid was damaged by a power problem (it now skips frames) and I am looking for a new video card that works with this system. Ive searched the web and found info from a year ago or more, but nothing recent. I need a vid card that will work with this MB, preferably of the same quality at least as the 8800 gts, and (hopefully) less than $200. It doesn't have to be the latest card. I've become less active in gaming, but want to be able to play at the same performance level as I am used to up until this problem occurred. If I need to get a new power supply thats fine. Appreciate the help.
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  1. GTS 450 on the low end but nothing higher than a GTX 460 or GTX 560TI.
    For the red side a 5770 or 6850 on the bottom nothing more than a 6950. Your cpu will bottleneck all of these to some extent but you will still gain a meaningful upgrade over your current card. Beware of pci-e 2.1 spec cards.
  2. A gts250 would be in the same performance area as the 8800gtx. I wouldn't go too far beyond that because your system won't be able to push the card.

    Do a Google search and look for cards in that performance (8800gtx ) area and be satisfied. No need to spend $200.

    I had, for a short time, gone from a 8800gts 640 card to a gtx260 with a similar system until I could upgrade. It was a waste. 9600gt-4770-gts250- I saw a 4850 for $89 last month. Over-kill but a good deal.
  3. Looked at the ones suggested above. I take it the gts 450 would be good for my MB or would it be over kill?

    The card details said min 450 wat, so I have that covered.

    There is also an overclocked one, but would it require additoinal power? I didn't see that info in the this one's details.

    Theres also the ATI vid card 5770, reports the wattage in my current range.

    Looked at ATI vid card 4850, priced about the same as above items but (most) only had half the vid mem, and ones with 1g mem cost about what the above links did... so unless it is (somehow) better than ones listed above, I think I'll bypass it.

    Which of these would be the best graphics? And will any of these tend to over heat like the 8800 gts on their standard cooling system?

    Appreciate very much the replies and specifics. I know just enough to get me in trouble.... without help lol.
  4. You're running an old 6000 processor and Windows XP. Your system won't push any of those cards to their limits. Pick one...... the 4850 was just a suggestion for it's worth. There is a 1gig card for $89 if you would look.... but it doesn't matter.
  5. Ok. I think I'll go with the 450. Since my problem is probably my vid card, that should fix it. If it isn't that then the only thing left would be my MB (buss damaged?). So, if it isn't corrected by the vid replacement I'll have to look for a new MB.

    Thanks again for all the help.
  6. There is nothing wrong with your board. Don't listen to the noobs here and just go for it.
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  8. Got auto notice of reply... looked and... well, dunno what Lucy is on about. Just pointless spam I guess.

    Update: Replaced vid card, and it works. Its not as fast as what I had before, but runs smoother. So I think I did have some probs with my previoius card. But, still tehre are issues. So, I'm down to the last thing... the MB regretably. Seems that whatever power damage I had affected everything.

    Thanks again for the help. Considering a diff MB (ddr2 compatible since I just bought ram at that level).
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