Should i buy an High end Motherboard or CPU

Well, I've gotta decide.
I'm on a budget so i'm deciding whether i should buy a Good CPU and a medium Mobo or vise versa.



Now The CPU is ~80$ while the Mobo is ~50$.

I can do that ^^ Or i can buy a ~90$ Mobo with 4 slots of ram and USB 3.0 (Although i won't be using any of these for now) and then get a ~50$ Athlon x2.

So what's better:
Normal Mobo
Athlon x4


USB 3.0, HDMI, 4 Slots, Etc
Athlon x2

I'm going for the first one imo since i can just upgrade my MOBO later on when usb 3.0 is cheaper and such. Thoughts? Also if somebody has a better suggestion please do so!
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  1. And Btw, I AM AWARE that none of those are high end parts, Intel i7 is ahigh end but i'm just saying it high end just to make it less complicated..
  2. Changing the motherboard is so much more disruptive than just upgrading the CPU when you can afford it.

    When changing motherboard you really need to reinstall the OS. Sometimes you can get away with it but personally I don't take the risk. Additionally taking the motherboard out generally means you need to disconnect everything and isn't a stone throw away from rebuild.

    So I'd opt for the higher spec motherboard with the cheaper processor with the aim to drop in a faster CPU in the future.
  3. Additional cost in motherboards typically provides you with extra features, not extra performance. If those extra features are more important to you than the extra performance a higher end CPU can provide, invest in the Mobo.

    Like Rusting said, if you buy an inexpensive CPU now (due to cash limitation) you haven't put a lot of money into it and can always upgrade later. Personally I'd get a mobo with the minimum features I want and go for performance (better CPU). Just me though!
  4. Aha, Good point! I think i'll do that
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    your CPU link didn't work for me. the only CPU's I saw that fit the price $80 x4 and $50 x2 were all OEM CPU's - no Heatsink-fan (HSF) included, so I assume you have a compatible HSF.

    Generally a motherboard is a motherboard, there maybe slight differences in speed, but not that noticeable by the user. the difference is more evident from chipset to chipset (GeForce 7025/ nForce 630a/AMD 770/870/880 etc...)

    Just get a MB that has the features that you need (which the main difference in MB's).
    2 ram slots are plenty for gaming throw a 2x2Gb dual channel kit in it and you are good.

    unless you are looking to upgrade later on down the road with to a AM3+ Bulldozer CPU, then get a MB that supports it like:

    other wise put your money into the CPU.

    if your budget is ~$140 and you wanted the OEM x4 CPU, I would go with one of these combo's. the AMD 880G is a much better Chipset than the nForce 630n.

    Has USB 3.0

    Has 4 ram slots
  6. Yeah, I'm getting a CM CPU Cooler, Planning to overclock .5 ghz+ Thanks so far guys, helped a lot
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