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Getting BSOD


i have sabertooth z77 montherboard installed today

and i put my old intel 520 120G SSD on the sata 6GB port

i did not hear any beat when first boot up. on the sata pot.

there is red led come out. after that, i saw "starting window" message show up
and i got instant BSOD.

do you guy know what is causing the problem ?
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  1. By old SSD, you mean OS as well? Re-install.
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    before you power it again there two bios for new cpu code and one bios 1015 for ram updates.
    the easy way to update the mb is use the usb flash back button on back and a usb stick. all you need to do is download the 0906 bios first to a formated fat 32 usb stick and rename it (asus under mb info has a pdf of the name the file has to be changed to.) connect the usb stick to the bottom port that marker flash back and press and hold the flash back button in. you dont need to post the pc to do this just have power to the mb. the flash back led will blink when it starts reading the usb stick...durning the flashing the speed of the blinking changes...when done the light will go out. you then power on the pc and let the new bios not turn off the mb till it done. then go into the bios and hit factory defult (f5) save and reboot and then do the 1015 bios. if the mb still bsod check that the dimms are on the mb qal list. if you can find them on the asus web page try the vendor of the ram web page..there just started to update there web pages for these new mb. also run cpu-z it read the jteg of the ram and tell you the setting for the ram..stock and the xmp profile and the voltage for your dimms
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