CM 212plus need a 2nd fan?

Hi guys. :hello:

So i isnatlled my hyper 212plus.....temps came down by about 10deg on average for all cores on my 2500k, so they now idle at 23deg each, sumtyms 27deg depending on room/outdoor temp.... I'm just wondering if it would make a difference to add a 2nd 120mm fan for a push/pull setup?

Would my temps be better?
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  1. Maybe by a degree or so, but probably not excessively. I've the same CPU and cooler, and my idles are at about 28 - 30 degrees C, so you're doing well there. Also, bear in mind (and I'm not trying to patronise), that you can't cool cooler than the ambient. 23 deg C is very reasonable, guessing your normal ambient is probably about 21. So when you add in an enclosed space, limited air-flow (relatively speaking) and other components giving off heat, you might not improve any.
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