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ASUS P8Z77-V fresh build no sound!

Hello everyone,

I imagine it's been said a hundred times, however every forum I have read hasn't brought me to a solution. I will try and make it short.

I built a new computer with mobo mentioned in Thread Title, intel i5-3570k, 8gb ddr3 1600, 800w corsair psu, etc standard stuff. Set up the computer with Windows 7 64bit and installed all the drivers that the mobo came with on it's CD. Onboard sound wasn't working although in device manager everything was fine with updated drivers. I checked BIOS to make sure onboard was enabled etc. I installed an old sound card and installed his drivers and disabled onboard in the BIOS and got sound from the card. But the card kept making my build lock up with a sound loop. So I uninstalled the card and re installed the onboard drivers from realtek's website, my mobo's website, and random third party ones to no success. I am really running out of ideas at this point and don't know what to try next.

I appreciate any support you can give and will keep you posted as I try your ideas.

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  1. It's kind of a long shot, but sometimes removing the sound device in Device Manager, and forcing windows to re-detect it soles problems such as this.

    If this doesn't solve it, I would RMA the board with the reason defective sound module.
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    Sounds like a classic faulty on-board audio chip. RMA time.
  3. Could also be HDA port re-tasking fudging things up. I know that every time I make the mistake of disconnecting line-out I end up swearing quite a bit because sound keeps jumping from jack to jack as I try to plug it back in.
  4. have you tried a pair of headphones on the green port in the front or rear. mb audio chipset have this (auto sensing) now...why i dont know but if the chipset is fine then the plug may not be on the mb or the plug on the speaker may not be wired right.
  5. Man I would really hate to have to send it back with it all being built. Maybe I will just get a nice sound card and accept the defeat... Yeah I have tried headphones and speakers in every port. Especially the green 3.5mm of course.
  6. Just thought of something, the auto-detect of devices plugged into my audio ports goes off whenever I plug something into the jacks. If it was faulty would it still detect devices?
  7. Rmontgomery07 said:
    Just thought of something, the auto-detect of devices plugged into my audio ports goes off whenever I plug something into the jacks. If it was faulty would it still detect devices?

    Depends on exactly what failed if something did fail.

    If you are playing audio/video and trying to find which jack sound is going to, you might need to restart your player or at least stop/restart playback to make it pick up the new connection. This is another thing that contributes to my frustration with port re-tasking, wish I could turn that off.
  8. Now the reason you want to cool these...
    Naturally the inductors and mosfets tend to generate ALOT of heat when they are dealing with such high amps and changing them into fun useful power so its critical we keep these components as cool as possible especially in high end video cards that are very high amperage. If overclocking your cards I would strongly reccommend a full water cooler solution as most of these water blocks are designed to cool the VRM of the cards. But in instances where you need to use a universal I would STRONGLY recommend using cooper heatsinks and applying them to the mosfets and inductors.
  9. Well on a slight side note, any idea why a sound card would cause my computer to freeze the screen and loop on a sound? If I can fix that I will use my old sound card. Bad drivers, damaged card?
  10. Computer to freeze and loop on the sound? That's typical of a defective chip set.
    Replace the motherboard.
    Sometimes if you install 2 sticks of RAM in the slots closest to the CPU, it will work sort of. At least that's what ASUS attempts to do.
    But replace the motherboard anyway, and I would recommend a different manufacturer.
  11. i would check in the bios that the sound chipset still turned on..dont know if mb now turn off the onboard sound if a sound card is installed. most times a mb reboot loop with an older device is a irq issue. check the irq that the pci slot is using. most mb show there irq settings. some times you have to turn off com port to free up and irq or you have to move the card to another pci slot.
    also on my sabertooth with the realteck chipset if the speakers are not plugged in when the power is turned of the speakers are not found.
  12. Just letting ya guys know, I replaced the mother board and the sound works. Chipset must have been defective.
  13. Glad to hear!
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