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MW3 Dedicated Server?

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September 5, 2011 10:33:45 AM

Im looking for some advice, very Noobie

-I've seem server components are a little expensive... so my question is, Do I need server parts for gaming dedicated server?
-which CPU should be good for this type of server? We'll be about 30 players
-Can I run 1 server with 2 virtual dedicated server of 15 players each one? , what hardward do I need for that CPU, RAM, OS?
-Whats the easiest OS for that? linux is too difficult for me :) 
-Do I need a lot of ram?
-Will SSD make any difference on servers?
-A 60gb SSD is enough for 2 virtuals?
-Do I need to pay for static Ip?
-what would be a Require Bandwidth for about 30 players Call Of Duty?
-Does this table apply for all type of games?
Upload Speed (Kbps) - Player Limit
240(Kbps) - 6
320(Kbps) - 8
400(Kbps) - 10
480(Kbps) - 12
560(Kbps) - 14
640(Kbps) - 16
720(Kbps) - 18
800(Kbps) - 20
880(Kbps) - 22
960(Kbps) - 24
1120(Kbps) - 28
1280(Kbps) - 32
1440(Kbps) - 36
1600 (Kbps) - 40

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Best solution

September 5, 2011 12:58:37 PM

Do I need server parts for gaming dedicated server?
No. You only require a stable system that can run reliably 24x7.

-Whats the easiest OS for that? linux is too difficult for me :) 
Use a 64 bit OS you're comfortable with.

Did you read?

Running 2 VMs requires a slightly more powerful system and additional memory. I see no benefits for that type of server, unless you can't run a 64 bit OS.

You don't need SSDs or a powerful CPU, but lots of memory will help. A site claims that it could use up to 400 MB per user. Therefore you'd need 8-12 GB of memory for optimal performance.

You'll have to contact your ISP to know if you have to pay for a static IP address, etc. You also need to know what the monthly cost will be if your bandwidth utilization increases significantly.
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September 5, 2011 9:20:11 PM

Are you referring to running 2 server instances or 2 VMs?

Actually it's 400 MB per instance, not per user. Therefore the server requirements are pretty low. I'd suggest 2-4GB of memory if running Windows (memory is inexpensive). If you have an olded PC with a 7200 RPM hard disk, then you could use it. An SSD might help performance a bit, but having enough memory to cache everything is as good and much less expensive. Bear in mind that you can't transfer more data than your Internet line speed permits.

The no-ip solution should work (you need to install the client to keep the IP address updated), but it isn't like having a real static IP addresss. If your ISP changes your dynamic IP address, your server no longer is reachable until its IP address has been updated at (this might only take a few seconds). It more than likely isn't an issue for a game server. Your server will be in one of their free subdomains; would probably appropriate.
September 5, 2011 10:05:44 PM

Are you referring to running 2 server instances or 2 VMs?

2 VMs are cheaper, and I could have 2 VMs in one server right? each one with 20 players.
My internet speed is 50/5 so im pretty sure that can handle 40 players easily.

I dont need RAID card right?

The no-ip solution

I hear they refresh all the time to see if my ip has change and I dont think I'll be restarting my server during the day
just at 4:00am when nobody is playing.

September 5, 2011 11:57:44 PM

You can host several VMs on a server, but don't they call them server instances (which are not the same as VMs)? The way that I understand it is that you'll be running two 20 player server instances, but I may be wrong. If you use VMs (they are like real servers), you'll need an IP address for each one.

Your Internet link is fast enough to support more than 40 players.

You don't need a RAID card. You may want to use RAID 1 if the motherbaord supports it, but it isn't a requirement. Will you backup the server at 4:00 am?
September 16, 2011 12:01:29 AM

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