Inglorious bastards was a terrible failure. Terantino needs to rethink his style its to predictable. His name will sell the flick along with Mr Pitt and there will be the inevitable pack mentality of love for this film strictly because it has the nam Terantino on it. But I say agian this is just more of the same nothing to really get to hyped up about if you really want to see it wait till it hits netflixs.
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  1. lately Tarintino's movies have been garbage. Death Proof for example. I didn't even bother watching Inglorious. I know its garbage.

    Long ago where the days of Pulp Fiction...
    Hollywood is releasing so much crap these days I don't go to movies but once a year.
  2. death proof was crap... the whole grindhouse project wasnt that good... but inglorious is a very nice movie to watch... just needed a bit more jokes lol...
  3. It's an okay film I think.
  4. on the whole I didnt like it but I will concede that the guy, whose name I cant recall, who played the ss officer was excellent in that role best actor in the whole thing. But, over all I thought the film bumpy and tedious much of the time with a story that could have been tightened up a lot to make it flow better like he has done in the past.
  5. Oh, come on! What did you expect? Everything changes! Or you would like to see new movie, that would be similar to old ones? I can bet you haven`t seen all of his movies, and now you blame him in bad work. Remember the part of SinCity, that was made by him! It will be more interesting to talk about differences between KillBill and KillBill2.
  6. I thought that the opening scene of inglorious basterds was done very very well. He did a great job with the ambiance in that film.

    The 20 min build and the casualness of the nazi was too good. I believe that actor won for best supporting in that film.
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