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Just installed RC on a separate drive. Problem is the display is slightly offset to the left side. I can adjust the monitor but the problem is I dual boot with XP, so whenever I start XP the monitor is now offset to the right side...

Tried installing most current vid driver. Also updated monitor drivers. Still the same...

EDIT: forgot to add, I'm using a 5 year old 17" CRT monitor.
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  1. Don't think there's a lot you can do, although i may be wrong...
  2. Have a look at the refresh rate in Advanced Settings (of Display Settings). It should be the same for XP and Windows 7. Changing this tends to alter the display position slightly. Be a little careful when changing this on a CRT monitor as wildly wrong settings can damage the monitor; if the display goes haywire turn off the monitor and wait for 15 seconds for Windows to revert to the old setting.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I think my monitor only operates properly on 60hz. I remember one time I accidentally adjusted my refresh rate higher than 60 and my monitor went haywire...

    Any other solutions?
  4. I would doubt that a 5-year old 17" CRT monitor can only support 60Hz (although it depends what resolution you are using) - at, e.g., 12480 x 1024 you should be able to use higher rates, say 72 or 75.

    What video card are you using? I have an NVidia one, and the NVidia control panel in Windows 7 has a function to let you adjust the screen position. Other cards often have a similar facility.
  5. Sorry for the late reply guys. I finally found out what causes the problem. The most recent vid card driver causes the problem. I installed drivers that came with the vid card and what do you know, the offset problem is fixed. By the way, my vid card is the 8500GT for those who are curious.

    Anyway, Thanks guys for all the inputs!!!

    My monitor can only display properly with 60hz. Above that range and the monitor displays out of range.
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