Is it possible to increase Download speed using so


I just got cable connection but they lied to me about Bandwidth and are charging for higher spees.

It is also the only cable provider in my city and I don’t want to spoil relations with them.

(1) Is it possible to increase Download speed using some kind of software?

(2) If yes which ones?

(3) Also your opinions if you have used them.

(4) Do they contain Spywares Adwares?

Thank You,
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  1. As far as actual browsing speeds go I know of no way to improve that other than some tweaks to windows that I am sure others here can give you. As far as increasing dl speeds it is possible by using a download manager such as down load accelerator by speedbit. What this thing does is open multiple instances of downloading the same file in pieces. It then reasembles them to the file you requested. I found this to be very effective when I was using satellite for internet because they afforded you more bandwidth for dl multiple files. However I have not found it to be helpful on my dsl line unless I am dealing with a slow website. I am allowed 1.5mbps regardless of the number of files I am dl'n

  2. Download managers and stuff will just better utilize the bandwidth avaliable. You can't actually exceed your rated speed. A 1.5megabit connection will never download over 192kb/s, it just isn't possible.

    There really isn't anything you can do at your end to physically increase your connection speed.

    What are your current download speeds (kilobytes/s) and what does your ISP say your connection speed is (kilobits or megabits).

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  3. For example on what Folken was saying:

    My DSL is rated at 3mbits. Now you divide that by 8 and you will get the download in Killobytes. Witch is 375kbytes\s.

    1 byte = 8 bits.

    Also remember. Distence from the CO (Central Office) can determine your speed and line stability. I am 1800 feet from it, witch gives me realy great speed and ping times. For DSL the limit its 18000.

    Now dont feel bad if you get less that your actual rated speed. Usualy my line hovers around 2.7mbits because of the tcp overhead, and thats normal.

    I am happy with it though coming from a 1.5mbit line earlyer this week. It also has a 768Kbit upload speed witch is very handy as well.

    Being 1800 feet away from the CO is realy nice. Good ping times and the ability to have a 7mb connection would rock. I just dont have the money for somthing like that.

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