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9800GTX OC in SLI

I have to BFG 9800GTX OC's, one is part# BFGR98512GTXOCE and the other is BFGE98512GTXOCE, both run the same bios, will these work in SLI? And yes I know these are older but I cant afford 2 new mid to hi end cards and they work for what I play.......
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    Yes,they'll work fine.
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  3. Thanks for the great info in your sli faq too! I always thought they had to be identical cards, and now I found I'll have to upgrade my card(s) and OS for BF3!
  4. 9800GTX will still play 95% of most new games with no problems.. the 250GTX is a re-bagged 9800GTX.. and in SLI? no problems... ive the same cards and never had ANY problems running any game.. As far as OS.... Vista blows and 7 looks like a totonka truck :) 9800GTX will run battlefield 3 as long as you got that sorry OS(vista)....
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