Confused about choosing m/b for 2600k

Hi guys,

Long story short I havent done my homework coz I was busy lately so if u can help me out with choosing a m/b for a "semi-upgrade" it would be delightful.. :)
All parts are of singnificance to me, v/for/m buyer..
Going for a single GPU thing, but with entertainment capabilities.

So far I/m stripping me "old" pc of its psu Corsair750HX its 8gb vengeance 1600 and its HDD sata3 black. It wont die, I have a spare psu, hdd and 2X2 dominator modules for it to continue to rock with its i5 750@3,8 and 5850@900,1200 -(what a lucky gf I have)

I'll be getting the corsair 600t case and I've finally decided the i7 2600k cpu (maybe because I know it better, not really familiar with the newest sockets, will OC).
As for GPU i think the nvidia 670 (if I can find it..) or a 7xxx amd but I ll decide that last..
Maybe an 60-80gb SSD for Windows etc..(intel?)

But with choosing m/b I really dont know.. I'm into an asus sabertooth now that I see that there is also Z77. Do you think its a good choice, or would you recommend otherwise?
Will my parts like each other?? :ouch: After years of interacting with hardware I know this is a fact. You orthologists cant convince me otherwise, I know it matters.. Not only compatible-wise or voltage-wise, something else cant really explain.. :pt1cable:

Not really long story short. But thanks anyway. Whoever replies is a hero. :sol:
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  1. This board should provide all the features you need: I have biostar boards in both my systems; they have fairly straight forward overclock settings if you ever want to try it. They also provide fast rma service if you live in the usa. Newegg has this board for $20 less after rebate, but I couldn't get the link to work.
  2. I personally think Sabertooth is overkill, sure it has everything an overclocker wants, but who really needs all that? Reality is something like P8Z77-V LE probably will satisfy all the needs of a typical user. I would definitely stick with ASUS though, they clearly have the best in terms of utilities and quality.
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