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Uninstall nVidia Physics if installing ATI card?

Hello. I just took out a nVidia GTX260 out of my system and installed a Powercolor PCS+ HD6970. I uninstalled the nVidia display drivers then rebooted in safe mode and ran driversweeper and removed the rest of nVidia display items. Shut down and installed my ATI card. Installed newest 11.2 drivers. Card is performing better than my 260 but not what I was expecting for the money it cost. Should I have uninstalled the nVidia Physics driver also?
Thanks, NitroStar
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    No, you shouldn't have to. PhysX can run on the CPU too, so you need the PhysX driver installed whether you have an NVidia card or ATI card. I don't suppose you can do a full reformat of Windows now can you?
  2. Well what do you think about this? With my overclocked nVidia GTX260, I could get a score of 18,400 to 18,700 in 3DMark06. With this Overclocked 6970, I am getting 20,000 to 21,000. Is this card supposed to do more than this? I thought it would. I ran all my racing games, rFactor, Race 07, GTR2, Shift, F1 2010, on HIGH settings and got great frame rates (60 to 200). All I was able to do last night was turn some of the settings up maybe 1 notch to full and I can't quite get that many frames after Maxing the settings. Some racing titles stutter a little to much if maxed all the way. This isn't the $380 price performance I was hoping for.

    Yea, I can do a reformat/reinstall, but was planning a lan race at my house this weekend and I'm working 12hour shifts till then. BUT, do ya'll think this card is supposed to get anywhere close to 25,000 in 3DMARK06 with my setup if all drivers are correct?

    AMD Phenom 965 BE OC'd to 3.8
    Asus M4A88TD-V motherboard
    Corsair 550watt
    4GB gskill ram
    2 WD 500GB Black Caviars
    Powercolor CPS+ HD6970
    WinXP Home Premium upgraded to date
  3. I would suggest getting a newer OS as XP is Directx9, where new games are coming out with Directx11, you are being left out.
  4. Those scores seem a hair low perhaps, but 3DMark06 is getting a bit old and seems to reflect real world performance even less than it once did. For reference, my 5850 w/ a 17% OC and my i5 at 3.6 GHz scores about 21.5-22k.
  5. Here ya go. Yeah, a 6970 should be scoring higher unless the CPU is holding it back (but a PII at 3.8 is pretty good):

    You are running 1280x1024 no aa, af, or vsync (make sure they are not forced in drivers), correct?
  6. I'm running the free basic 3dMark06 test. I notice on that review you referenced, they were using 10.11 drivers. I'm using 11.2 which are not approved yet on 3dMark's site. I also made sure everything was defaulted to "off unless application requires it, which that is the way I test all my rigs. If that i7 barely got over 25,000 then my OC'd 965 will probably not make as high a pc score therefore keeping my overall under that. My video card is overclocked already though. I'm beginning to realize that my GTX260 is a smoking fast card. I knew that but even at high fps there was this ever so slight stutter in trees and fences as they went by in racing titles. I just thought I my performance would jump more with a brand new high dollar card. I was getting 19,000 a year and a half ago with my 260. I'll keep trying though.
  7. Probably CPU bottleneck at that low resolution of the test. You need to push at least 1080p to get the most out of the card.

    You are probably also losing performance by not having Win 7, as DX10 and DX11 offer some nice optimizations of the API. DX11 is the first to offer multithreading support, which ties back to the cpu bottlenecking the card in 3dmark06. You're also not getting your full 4gigs of ram with Win XP, as you need a 64bit OS to get more than ~3.5gigs.
  8. So I'm really not going to get "faster" results unless I am pushing the 6970 harder than the GTX260 in a way. I noticed also the 6970's gpu usage was way down on some of my racing titles. I know that will hurt it's performance too. Have I lost my mnd or is there a way or can I use my nvidia card along with my 6970 to gain performance?

    I know I can get more performance in windows 7 but I was just comparing the speed of my 260 with the new 6970 under the exact same conditions.
  9. Understandable but those conditions suck lol. Look at this:
    Less than GTX570 at low res

    Greater than GTX570 at high res

    Try running game benchmarks - Dirt 2 and F1 2010 both have benchmarks built in. You could also just run FurMark full screen to compare, or a variety of other free benchmarks
  10. Psu maybe?

    I did a quick calculation on antec power supply calculator and it said you need around 500watt for your system. And since you only have a 550W psu it might just be underpowered.
  11. ^Should be fine, it's a quality PSU and those calculators aren't telling you what the PC will use, but what to buy to have a margin of safety as well (hence the 90% TDP and cap ageing).

    The card itself is under 300W (typically under 200W), and the Phenom probably isn't over even 150W with the OC.
  12. Maybe so but we don't know the age of the psu nor the quality. It is a good brand, but that doesn't say much it could be a buget line or 4years old or something.
    It's still weird he gets those bad results.
  13. Yea I have both Dirt 2 and F1 2010 and maxed out games before running benchmarks. I just thought this card would drop my jaw compared to my GTX260 running winXP. Y'all think I would get a bigger gap in performance running the same racing games (race07, dirt2, F1 2010, rFactor) under win7?

    My Corsair 650 is the better quality psu they make and is about 1 1/2 years old and it has 52 amps on 12v rail. Card is not underpowered. I run all my sims at 1920 x 1080 on a 42" 1080p TV through VGA cable.

    I'm not getting bad results just not what I thought actually racing some of my racing Sims last night.
    I really appreciate ALL of your great replies.
  14. Bump on some questions
    1: Do ya'll think I would get better performance (being able to turn graphics up and getting better fps) in racing titles like Race 07, rFactor, iRacing, NFS Shift, and Shift 2 Unleashed and F1 2010 under:

    Windows XP 32bit
    Windows Vista 32bit
    Windows 7 32bit
    Windows 7 64bit

    with this system:
    AMD Phenom 965 BE
    ATI HD6970
    4GB ram (I'll get more if you say 64bit)

    or maybe not much difference at all?

    2. AND would Vista give as much performance as win 7 and directX 11? (Cause I've got a copy of vista32bit already)
  15. For gaming you probably won't notice too much of a difference by upgrading the OS, because of course DX9 is slightly less demanding than DX10 or 11. However, DX11 does offer some nice improvements like multithreading so I wouldn't rule out getting more FPS by going with Win 7 64bit - as long as you're not enabling tesselation and DoF (DX11 features).

    But Win 7 is a very good OS, IMO far better than XP and much much more stable than Vista. Also upgrading to 64bit would help you out since it will free up at least around 500mb of RAM to use as well as give you the option of further upgrading it.

    Oh yeah and if you want to play Battlefield 3, it will not have DX9/Win XP support.
  16. @ wolfram23.
    In your signature you list Ari crossfire and a nvidia gtx240 for physics. Can I our my 260 card in my PC along with my 6970 and run them together to get more performance?
  17. You can run them both, yes, but the 260 would only work as a PhysX card.
  18. wolfram23 said:
    You can run them both, yes, but the 260 would only work as a PhysX card.

    OK. I'll search out the procedure to do that on here I hope. I take it that I will get better performance in only games that use "Physics" by nvidia. Thanks.
  19. It won't improve framerates one bit, it'll just let you access hardware accelerated PhysX in the 20 games that offer it (literally). Basically, you'll get some extra eye candy without hurting performance... but you won't gain performance either, using an AMD card.

    If you were running Nvidia and added a dedicated PhysX card you could gain some performance, but that's just because you're offloading the PhysX work - AMD cards aren't "allowed" to run PhysX.

    Anyway what you're looking for is called the GenL V1.04ff patch.
  20. Thanks a lot. I'm steadily getting 20,700 to 21,050 with 3dMark06. I hate I have spent $385 on a 6970 and am getting only a 10% gain in performance. When I get my results, it says my score is right in the middle of this same configuration. Just not what I was reading on the reviews of the card.
    When I first built my PC with the GTX260, I had an AMD 5800 CPU and was getting 11,300 score. I installed a Phenom 965 and my score jumped to 18,700. Now that is worth $200 there!
  21. Well you could also try OCing more and see if the GPU score changes. If so, you'd know there's still some CPU bottlenecking. Also, would be great to see such results as the CPU bottleneck issue is always a bit vague.
  22. That brings up another question. I can overclock to 4.2ghz with stock voltage and game all day with now problem or heat. But I know I'll run into problems if I try to Prime95 it like that. Does it hurt a CPU to game with it way overclocked if there is no heat issue or lock ups?
  23. No... heat and voltage are the problems. System instability isn't going to wreck the hardware, but it's a pain in the ass if it's crashing on you and you could potentially corrupt data like if it crashes in the middle of saving something.
  24. I wouldn't recommend OCing to instability. Like wolf said it shouldn't physically hurt anything, but I think it will be way more trouble than benefit.

    And 3DMark06 is a really bad judge of graphics card performance. You'd have to do extensive testing with actual games to get the real improvement the upgrade got you.
  25. I know..... blushes..... I'm just working 12 hour shifts right now but this weekend I'm gonna do a bunch of racing! Sons coming home from college and a friend is coming over and we gonna LAN race for 2 days! I'll definitely find out what I got then LOL. Thanks a lot y'all. I'll touch base again for sure.
  26. Set my 965 CPU to 4.2ghz and my 6970 to 950/1435 last night and went from 20,800 to 23,800 in 3dMark06. But my CPU temp got to 62*. I've got a corsair H50 on it but need to put a pull side fan on it. Will get some screws to install fan and then try again.
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