My computer uses 40% of its memory idling, thats not normal is it?

I have a and just idling with nothing else running it is using around 40% of the ram, and even know with just google chrome up it is using around 60% or the ram. I did an antivirus scan and nothing popped up. what is the problem?
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  1. ram usage is good if its not using ram then its just waste spare resources doing nothing

    let it be don't worry about what its doing it manages its self perfectly fine
  2. Then could you explain why team fights during league of legends lag so bad, and why a simple game like stronghold two freezes every few seconds?
  3. Maybe you run too much software in background or startup program. See task manager's process tab how many extra software you are running and which is eating most memory.

    40% of 8gb is too much.
  4. I did a fresh restart and my ram usage got down to around 30%, adn task manager says 127 processes, but most of them are under 100k bytes except for something called svchost and chrome. Is it normal to have this many and if not how do i fix it?
  5. 127 processes?? And all are under 100k? Thats too much process. svchost & chrome are normal. Are they run by user or system? Check it.

    I think there are maleware in your system. Thats not normal. Try anti-malware scan.
  6. Most of them are from user, but some are from system and network. There are also alot of ones from chrome, im not sure if thats normal or not though.
  7. How many of chrome? I have 5 when open a single chrome tab. Is chrome running after windows load? Or after you open chrome?

    From system and network, thats normal.
  8. from 6 tabs there are 14 processes from chrome ranging from 206k-4k, though i am streaming pandora atm so that might be why one is so so high. and i did a malware scan and nothing came up. and only after i open chrome. I dont see why stronghold 2 freezes every few seconds when i try to play it, same with minecraft and sins of a solar empire, i have more than enough ram for those games even if some is being used right?
  9. I think a clean installation of os will be good for you. I have 32 process in my laptop and 15 process on my desktop.
  10. how would i do that? and that would mean i would have to reinstall everything right? Would upgrading to windows 8 be the same thing essentially?
  11. Yep, re-install everything alone with win7/win8. Both require same thing, installing all software again.
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