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HP m8075a Media Centre - Motherboard Upgrade/Power Connectors

I'm currently rebuilding a Hewlett-Packard Pavilion Media Center TV m8075a Desktop PC for an acquaintance, and have replaced the ASUS P5PE-LE motherboard with an ASUS P8H77-M Pro.

The power button/LEDs from the case are wired to a single connector with 9 slots (5x2 with one slot blocked off) by 6 wires (3 pairs of colour/black) which I assume corresponds in some way to power button, power LED and reset button with their respective grounds. This connector attached to the P5PE-LE, but isn't able to fit onto the P8H77-M Pro's system panel connector (the pins aren't lined up with the slots on the connector).

Is there a way to either rewire the connector to get the wires lined up, or an adapter for the system panel connector that would allow me to attach it in the same way as before?
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    I wouldn't break apart the 9 pin connector. I install only the wired holes over the case connection pin block, leaving some hanging out the back, since they don't have any wires. You may have to try moving it forward or backward. Lots of times you'll at least match the power led and power switch, which is all you really need. If you get lucky, all the case led lights will work when you power up. Don't install the connection block sideways; it should be installed in the same direction as the pin block. And all pins are low voltage, so getting it wrong won't fry your board. Just don't try this with a usb port. Then you could fry something.
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