1st timer - $1000 budg. gaming rig advice

Approximate Purchase Date: This month

Budget Range: $1000

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Games I will be playing are WoW, WC3, Game of Thrones - Genesis. I do some web surfing and watch game of thrones (HBO) online as well.

Parts Not Required: I need all parts. Starting from scratch.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country of Origin: U.S.A

Parts Preferences: Doesn't matter

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

Monitor Resolution: highest i can afford. =)

Additional Comments: I would like at least 1 piece of equip that has LED lighting. I also prefer a quiet PC please and less maintenance.
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  1. Haha, pretty lofty requirements. I suggest you do a little research on your own, and come back to us with a tentative build. I can however point you in the right direction.

    You essentially need a $700 computer. $100 for OS (windows 7) $150 for monitor, (1080p) and $50 for mouse/keyboard/speakers.

    With that in mind, I suggest an i5-2400 and Z68 motherboard. A little search on newegg will show you what i'm talking about.

    For a GPU, look at a 6850 or GTX 460.

    Sorry for not building you one from scratch, I don't have that time generally.
  2. 0 - CPU & mobo combo $295 - monitor & GPU combo $353 - HD & DVD burner combo $92 - Case & PCU combo $190 - CPU fan $40 - RAM $105

    total = $1075


    EDIT: just realized I forgot my OS and mouse/keyboard so, thats an extra $150

    so new total = $1225

    can someone help me please.
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    Not bad! However, you went well over the budget.

    -Keep the CPU/mobo combo. Great deal.

    Get this monitor: It's about as good but costs less.

    With this GPU: This one should fit:

    You don't need a CPU fan. No overclocking with the 2400.

    That ram is overpriced. Get some normal 1600Mhz stuff, like this:

    This is a faster HDD: better case, more flashy.

    And we'll talk about PSU. Do you ever want to crossfire (run 2 GPU's)?
  4. striker410 said:

    And we'll talk about PSU. Do you ever want to crossfire (run 2 GPU's)?

    I might want to in the future, yes. Thanks for the advice too. That helped a lot.
  5. Ok. In that case, I suggest this power supply: It's $90.

    With OS, this build comes right to $990. That makes it kinda tight for a mouse and keyboard. Can you stretch $30?
  6. Yea, thats cake. This is an awesome setup. Thanks for the tips.
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  8. Well before we close this, I'm gonna suggest a mouse. Awesome mouse, built for gaming. Any old keyboard will work.
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