New Computer, New Card for Running WoW on Ultra!

Hey everyone! Im looking to buy a new quad core tower at BestBuy this weekend and I was gonna go out and buy a good graphics card that can run WoW Cata at 40-60 fps on Ultra! I figured if im going in im going BIG! I was looking to spend around $115-$150 on the video card. If anyone has any reccomendations for my situation I would greatly appreciate your input! Thanks a bunch everyone,

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  1. The best video cards for WoW for under $200 are the GTX 460 and 6870. After that, there is a significant drop off.,2793.html
  2. this thread can be closed I have created a new one , and i am new to the forum so if it could be closed it would be appreciated! (: Here is my thread that I have open
  3. GTX 460 1gb is more than enough even to multybox.
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