Have to switch front and rear panels after restarts to get the audio

Hello guys

My system has an asus motherboard: M3A78-EM and windows 7 ultimate 64 bit OS is installed. Very recently my motherboard started acting strange. For a few days I was away from my house and when I came back and turned on the system I found that I have no audio. I updated audio drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled again without any use. Then I started tweaking the Realtek HD Audio manager and I started getting the audio again but in a bizarre way. now I have to shift between front and back panels to get audio, ie if im getting the audio via the front panel now then after the next restart I have to change to back panel to get the audio. But the audio out put is low and distorted when especially connected to the rear panel. I tried every means like uninstalled the driver and ran driver sweeper software to remove the remaining entries and reinstalled the driver but again the same issue.

Here are the tweaks which I did (accidentally) to get the audio partially back.

1.Click-realtek audio manager on the system tray to open the program window.

2.click-device advanced settings-play back device option-change the option from “mute the rear output device, when a front headphone plugged in” to “ make front and rear output devices playback two different audio streams simultaneously”

3. then open the connector setting which is indicated only by a folder icon (on the right of the window)- check” disable front panel jack detection” and check “ enable auto pop up dialogue when a device is connected”

the funny thing is that when I connect the jack to the front panel, the option ” disable front panel jack detection”must be checked to detect it. Otherwise I wont get the audio. Weird isn’t it.

As per my motherboard specifications my audio is Realtek ALC1200 HD audio 8-channel codec.

Now im shifting between front and back panel after each start to get the audio and the quality of the out put is low and distorted. I tried all the drivers from the installation CD to the latest found on asus's website. But no use.

Can anyone advise me on this please.
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  1. hi guys can anyone help please. its been two days since i posted this and unfortunately no reply. is there any admins in this forum who can help me out.
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