560TI SLI vs 590 vs 6990 for 3 monitor and TV

I plan to build a enthusiast gaming rig and connect 3 monitors to it and also my LED TV using hdmi with audio.

Initially I was considering the 560TI SLI but now the Nvidia 590 and Radeon 6990 has come out. From what I have read there is no clear winner in terms of performance in relation to 590 compared to 6990. However, Radeon has more display ports and seems to have a better Eyefinity setup. Problem is its freaking noisy. Does anybody have the card and is it really noticeable.

How does the 590 stack up in terms of my monitor and LED TV setup? I noted they only have 3 DVI ports and one display ports. If I have 3d vision enabled can I still connect my LED TV using the remaining display port? Will that carry audio?

Would anybody recommend a 560TI SLI and how does the performance compare to the two abovementioned cards?

Other opinions is appreciated and comments of whether a 750W PSU will be sufficient (otherwise I might need an uprgrade). Also I don't overclock.
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    Look a few posts down about my post where 590's have been blowing up on stock clocks. The biggest problem is your processor. Going to need to overclock to take any 5 series card to it's full potential

    I don't overclock but I was hoping a 2600K Sandy will be sufficient. How does the 560TI SLI compare as I can't find the benchmarks. But honestly between the 3 cards I mentioned I don't really mind iether if its just a +/- 10% difference in performance. The main concern is hooking up my TV to it also and hopefully its not too noisy that when I play games it will diminish the enjoyment.
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