Z77 Sabertooth- Is it for gaming?

I am picking out my parts for a new build for school. I will be adding a lot of gaming into my spare time and I want to get a motherboard that won't have a problem with that. I am currently interested in the Z77 Sabertooth. Will it allow me to overclock as much as I want? (i7 2700k & GTX 680)
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    Yes, although "as much as I want" will be limited by cooling and not the motherboard.
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  3. Just for a reference; I put a system together for a friend using this MB, processor,amd 7970 and a Noctua d-14 in a coolmater haf-x. I have it stable on the air at 4.8+ with well controlled temps. I will turn it over to him later today set to 4.8.
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