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Currently i run a slightly modified Gateway Dx4200-09. The only update(s) were a new PSU/GPU about 1 month ago. This made gaming sooo much better but my next issue is my CPU is slowing me down.

Current CPU - AMD Phenom X4 9100e / 1.8 GHz on a AMD 780G.

I can play all my major games maxed out. STALKER Series / metro 2033 / GTA 4 / DiRT3. They Run smooth maxed out but im only making about 20-25fps.

all im looking for is to update my CPU so i can play the upcoming Metro 2033 & STALKER 2. From what i have read my CPU will only tip the scale of what the two games require.

What can i buy that will be better then my current CPU but wont break the bank. my budget is max of 250$, i could squeeze in maybe an extra 50$ but i dont feel like it. the new cpu & motherboard needs to be able to work on a 450watt Antec PSU.

Current Full Build

Gateway Dx4200-09
AMD Phenom X4 9100e / 1.8 GHz on a AMD 780G.
4gb ram
640Gb HDD
ATi HD 6670 1gb
450watt PSU
ATX Case
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  1. To Max out Metro you will need a new GPU as well see:

    I don't think your motherboard supports AM3 CPUs so any worth while upgrades will need a new motherboard, if you budget is low look at the Pentium GXXX range or the i3 2100, if you can afford it get a 2500K. If you prefer AMD get an Athlon II x3 or a Phenom II 955BE and overclock it.
  2. i like the look of the AMD Athlon II x3. Its reasonably priced and it looks like it will give some good power for the 2 upcoming games i want. but for the motherboard will this work for Athlon?

  3. BTW what kind of fan would i need?
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