Are my temps okay? First build, kinda worried!


I just finished building my first computer:

i3 2100
2x2gb ddr3 ram
ati hd 6870
750W psu

I have a CM HAF 912 case with 6 fans: 2 front intake, 2 top exhaust, 1 rear exhaust, and 1 side intake.

Here are my temps (idle/load):
cpu: 33C/49C
gpu: 47C/83C

I played WoW for like 3 hrs (did my daily BG, BH 25 for the week, and then a couple of AV) and those were the temps I ended my session with.

are those temps normal?

I have a non modular psu so my case bottom has a bunch of heavy unused cables just lying there. Ofc, I've neatly organized them!

Are my temps normal considering my case and fans?

I remember Striker told me that they were ok, so I went ahead and re organized my case, but do you think the fact that my house is 81F would have something to do with higher temps in my computer?

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  1. CPU is ok, GPU is a little hot. You could try flipping the side fan to exhaust, might help. I'm no pro on airflow, but that GPU is hot. Cool it down somehow.
  2. ok.

    what should optimal temp be?

    also do you think it might be my room? cuz its 81F in here lol
  3. Yes your temps are fine. Your GPU is running a little hot but not near its limit, your CPU is good. Start worrying if your GPU runs over 90 C and if your CPU gets over 65 C. Even at those temps you would be OK, but I'd consider extra aftermarket cooling if I reached such temps regularly.
  4. Lol, you probably wanna listen to chester. he's got a GTX 470 ^_^
  5. The GPU is a bit warm, but not dangerous. A 6870 can be expected to run warm, though. If it runs any hotter, I'd consider adding another case fan, or replacing one with a faster one.

    It is possible to replace the cooler on the card with a better one, but it's not a trivial job - don't attempt it unless you are confident in your abilities.
  6. Check out MSI Afterburner. It will work fine on your video card. I also has the ability to dynamically manage the fan speed based on the tempurature of the GPU. that should allow you to keep the temps around 50-60 degrees C.

    You can get MSI afterburner here:
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