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Hi there.

I just got my new XPS 8300 today and noticed that the Desktop doesn't fill the screen.

I had this small problem with my old computer when I first bought it so I naturally went to ATI's website, downloaded the latest driver and Catalyst Converter and did some tweeking - it worked.

However, today, when I downloaded the Catalyst Converter I noticed that the only drop-down option that it gives me is "Display Manager"....Where are the rest? Display Manager doesn't give me an option to fix the problem or to fill the desktop.

Help please
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  1. I know this may sound utterly stupid, but have you tried to align the screen with the LCD's controls?
  2. It's got nothing to do with the alignment.....My query is to ask why my Catalsy is not showing it's full options and features. All I can see is Display Manager where I am suppose to have like 6 other options or so.

    One of thsoe options has an Overscan and an underscan facility which fixes the problem. Why isn't my Catalyst showing this?

  3. I've seem to install the Catalyst again but yet no luck. The Catalyst isn't even in my system tray as it used to be on my old computer.

    Can anyone please help......Really urgent.
  4. Oh, sorry. I was pretty sure that the "Desktop doesn't fill the screen" was the primary one.

    As for the rest, try an older version.
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