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ASRock Extreme4 swap with Z77 Sabertooth?

I've ordered an ASRock Extreme4 motherboard because folks here have said they are very good. But I had my reservations because I don't know them and I've typically purchased Gigabyte or ASUS. I've been reading reivews they say the ASROCK are cheap boards - but I didn't pay a cheap price! The Sabertooth is only $70 more! It is the same price as the Gigabyte. I'm feeling that I'm not getting the value from my motherboard. I'm thinking of returning the ASRock and getting the ASUS Sabertooth or Gigabyte. Looks at the prices

ASRock Extreme4 $179.99

SaberTooth Z77 $249.99

Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H $179.99

What do you think?
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  1. Don't return it. The ASRock Extreme4 is a great motherboard that overclocks really well.

    Also that Gigabyte board would compare to the ASRock Extreme6 not the Extreme4.

    Keep the ASRock, it's awesome.
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    asrock are not cheep mb makers..toms hardware on the last roundup were just a little slower then toms pick. I have the z77 sabertooth. I bought it for looks not for it mb name. i will tell you it a thick and heavy board. what you should be looking at is the features the board has or does not have and are they ones you use. look at the pci video slots there placement if you think you do two video card set up also look at the speed the slots run at. some z77 it 16x and 4x. some mb it 8x and 8x. one feature on the sabertooth that i hope falls over to the other vendors and is the usb bios flashback. to be able to flash your bios without needing a cpu or ram. a lot of people buy new mb and new cpu and fine out the bios is so old the mb wont post. how do you flash a mb that wont post if you dont have an old cpu sitting around?? there are some downsides to the sabertooth..the thermal armor will in some small case make it hard to fit if there are cooling fans near it.also some air heat sinks wont fit.
    the biggest beef drop a screw and have it fall under the need a magentic tip when you put the stand off screws do to the armor. plus side is you can cover the non use parts with dust covers. look here and on asus and the other mb vendor web page..look to see if any of the boards have high failure issue or and on rog my board and another user board on a new board we have two dead ram slots. the other issue that plagging the sabertooth is there not powering down without clearing the cmos. there a long help me on rog forum about that issues..asus has not gotten back with a bios fix or why it happens. also check to see who mb having the highest doe rate. a few years ago gigbyte was top vendor for mb a lot of people now said they have a high doa rate.
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