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Watt matters in memory upgrades?

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May 25, 2012 5:53:43 PM

My dad asked me to upgrade their office's PC ram from 2 GB (running at less than 600mhz) to 4GB.

Currently the set up is the Intel Celeron G something, (the low end of the LGA 1155 probably) - sry my knowledge on CPU is i3 or higher)... it has 2 slots for ram and i believe it runs in dual channel. so I'm going to take the 2GB out and put in a 2x 2GB ram each running at 1333 mhz (i checked information of the mobo that it can support max of 1333mhz)

The mobo info I got it from one of the CPUID software. It's some some pegatron brand, H61 chipset.

The powersupply is 220 Watt. the GPU is HD6450.

I was wondering if Watt matters for the upgrade i'm going to make?... is it safe?

Plus, it's a prebuilt PC from HP with OEM windows. I wonder if I'm going to be in trouble? (i know i voided the warrantee for opening the case but that's least of my problem)

Thanks. Any more details needed, do ask me. I gave all the details I remember.
May 25, 2012 6:16:24 PM

Your warranty should be fine. Adding RAM is negligible in power consumption. With a 220W PSU, don't be messing with any video upgrade.
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May 25, 2012 6:18:38 PM

Pretty sure the Celeron G only supports DDR3 1066 RAM. The board may allow you to overclock to DDR3 1333 but the memory controller is on the CPU. At worse the DDR3 1333 would default to DDR3 1066 and should still run fine.

Make sure the RAM is 1.5v.

The RAM uses 1.5v so the power supply will not matter a bit.

OEM boards can be picky about what RAM will work in them. I would go from the list on the HP website to be sure whatever you get is compatible.