5770 on 350 watt psu

i want to get a 5770 but i need a psu but i cant get both at once and i would need to sell off my current graphics card for the cash... funny enough my mobo doesn't have onboard vga or dvi.... so i was wondering if i could sell my current card get the 5770 and run it on a 350 watt....

note i have a 9600 gso at the moment and its power rating is 500 watt but i play on 350 with it overclocked quite fine....

so would it be detrimental to the card or the board if i run it on 350 watt psu until i can buy a new ?
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  1. I personally would not recommend it, as the card will run approximately 200w+ watts. Note that your PSU won't produce 350w of power, it will most likely use about 270w max. Get a PSU with about 500w or more of power.
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    well a 5770 will probably use less power than the 9600, so it should be ok. Can you state the make and model of the PSU? I know a 380w antec earthwatts will run up to a 6850 comfortably, you dont need a 500w psu as said above.
  3. well im a mega noob on the psus so i cant really tlk the tlk about it.... but to the first dude i will buy a higher one when i get the cash... i was asking if it could be done
  4. it really depends on the make and model of the psu. some 350w psu's are rated "350w max" and do not state the continuous power, or temperature that they can produce that power at and may not have much available power on the 12v rail where it counts. You want something with at least 25A on the 12v rail, or if they have 2x 12v rails a combined total of 25A to be comfortably running the card your looking at.
  5. iam2thecrowe said:
    well a 5770 will probably use less power than the 9600, so it should be ok.

    Actually, it uses just slightly more...

  6. Running a 9600GT with a 350w is cutting it a bit too close for me. Sure you can do, but it stress the power supply. The more the power supply is stressed, the shorter it's life span.

    OC'ing the 9600GT just stresses it even more.
  7. well i guess ima get the 5770 leave it @ factory settings until i get the psu

    thnx guys

    ps the 9600 gso is OC by about 10% every thing is up by 100mhz :)
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