Press F12 for BBS POPUP

Just got an Aspire x3810-e3811A and as soon as I start it up it says:

American Megatrends

BIOS Version: P01-A3
Release Date: 05/26/2009
This BIOS is exclusively for Acer Only
Copyright 2002-2009 by Acer Inc.
CPU: Pentium (R) Dual-Core CPU e5300 @ 2.60.GHz
Stepping: A CPUID : 0001067A
Cache L1 Size: 64KB
Cache L2 Size: 2048 KB

Press F12 for BBS POPUP
The MCH is operating with DDR3 800 in Single-Channel Mode 3038MB OK (34 MB Shared Memory Size Used)

Initializing USB Controllers .. Done.

(C) American Megatrends, Inc.

After this nothing happens has been stuck here for more than 15 hours.....please help me resolve this problem......
Thanks in Advance!
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  1. It could be a bad hard drive. Some of them will get stuck if the HDD is bad. Try removing it and starting the system.

    If anything, if its brand new just take it back and get a replacement.
  2. try pressing f12 when prompted and pick your hard drive as boot device--if that doesnt work go in the bios and see if your hard drive is recognised if it is try loading the bios fail safe or default settings--sometimes done by pressing f5 but different bios may do it other way
  3. I'd pull the hard drive, and try booting the system another way.... from a CD or bootable USB stick. If it boots another way, the problem could lie with the hard drive.
  4. I REMOVED CD-ROM AND HDD BUT i hear only a Beep and gets stuck on th "Acer Empowering People" Logo.........then there is

    Del: Setup F12: Boot Menu

    what is possible..........I use Acer Aspire x3810

    Please Help me Fix my Problem....Thanks in Advance!
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