Cooler master V6 GT with AsusP8Z68-V PRO

I was wondering if the v6 gt cpu cooler would interfere with any of the ram slots on the motherboard because I would like to use all 4 of them.

Thanks for the answers ahead of time!
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  1. like pict cannot install all RAm in Slot (4x) need big size dual channel
  2. I see that is on a micro-atx board though, or at least from what i see. Would that be the same on a full atx board?
  3. Each board varies (the ram slots aren't a set distance from the socket). You could get short ram that would fit no matter what cooler you get. You can also check the Newegg reviews of the products you are interested in and see if any complain of similar conflicts.

    My guess would be that tall rams would interfere.
  4. Also note, Micro-ATX is the same width as ATX, so for your purposes that board above can be considered a normal ATX.
  5. Thats kind of the problem im facing now I guess. I already have 2x4gb of Corsair vengence... its pretty tall and I was wondering if i got another dual channel set if it would fit but I'll see on newegg. Been checking around and can't find any definite answers anywhere. Thanks for your help though.
  6. Do you already have this computer built and running, or are you still gathering parts?
  7. I've got some parts im still missing the main components such as case, mobo, cpu, cpu cooler, I am going to buy these from newegg all at once for the 1 month doa thing they do. I was just looking to get:

    Case: HAF X
    Mobo: Asus z68 pro
    Cpu: I7 2600k
    Cpu Cooler: V6 GT
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