Satellite L505D shows toshiba logo then shuts back down.

Hi, I have tried pressing F8 but it will not boot in safe mode, I also tried F12 to access BIOS but it would not do anything. I have tried holding the power button on for 10 seconds then letting off and such, and I don't get any farther than the Toshiba logo. Please help!
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  1. Tried F2????????????
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    Battery dead? I've seen several laptops that would do this. It's been a broken charging jack (so even when on AC power, it was still running on battey), bad charging circuit, or bad AC adapter. In most cases, it was just the laptop running the battery down to dead, and when the customer would power it on, it just came on long enough to show a bios splash screen, and then power off. You might verify that a charging light or AC power light comes on when the adapter is plugged in. If it does show it's charging and on AC power, and the problem persists, the problem could be deeper. Check that, and get back to us and we'll go from there.
  3. It actually turned on again(it is not my laptop, so its not with me) it could very well have been the battery
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