New build with successful POST and UEFI but no boot

I'm putting together an HTPC with an ASRock H67M motherboard and Intel Core i3-2105. I'm pulled the WD Caviar 1TB drive with a bootable Win7/32 partition on it out of my old machine to use in this one. On power-up, I get a single beep which I take to mean a successful POST, all the fans (case, PSU, CPU) spin up, and I can hear the HDD spin up. I can get into the UEFI config menus but after saving my config, I get a blank screen and nothing further happens.

My only thought was that I might have had the SATA mode in config set wrong. It defaults to "IDE Mode" and I also tried "AHCI Mode" and neither worked. I've tried re-seating all the power and SATA connectors and nothing changes. What else should I try?

Edit: I should add that the UEFI config screens correctly identify the CPU, HDD, and RAM so they're at least connected well enough for that to work. And the boot device is set to the HDD.


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  1. Moving a HDD from an Old system to a new one is iffy.
    You are planning on reloading the operating system - correct.
    If so, then boot to Win's instalation, select custom instal - delete the partitions, and re-partition Drive. Reload Windows and programs.

    Not make sure you Back-up any of the files/date that you have created.
  2. Windows doesn't allow you to run from a different motherboard than the one it was installed under. You will have to get a new windows key.
  3. Thanks, I was wondering if that might be the case. It really should display an error message rather than hanging on a blank screen. Arg.
  4. It will install. Upgrade version, oem and retail Full should all install. The question is activation and legal.
    Crewton is correct on legal terms - You can not have the same key on two machines (some exceptions).
    If you are getting a blank screen you have a hardware problem (ie incorrect drivers), Not a case of having the Windows on two system - that will give an activation error. If doing an Install the Installation is incorrectly configuring the HDD.

    Retail ver - No problem as long as only on one computer.
    Upgrade - Only legal if you own qualifing upgrade. As long as you retain the Qualifing upgrade from, you can still move - again ONLY legal on one computer.
    OEM - this is the rub. It is licienced to the computer it was installed on. Gray area is if old computer died (ie MB) and you had to replace. May, and may not, have to call uSoft if you get an error message while activation.

    the ONLY installation disk that will NOT install are ones that come with a prebuilt "Store" brand computer.

    But Do a Custom install so that you wipe out the previous partitions.
  5. if trying to transfer a windows 7 install from an old PC< it should atleast get to the 'windows is starting up' before BSODing and restarting. A blank flashing white dash screen means it hasnt even attempted to boot windows.
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