Worth upgrading evga 750i FTW?

Hello experts!

I'm wanting to improve stability, performance on boot and graphics (see have had problems with OCZ Reaper 1066 memory failing...frustrating). I have a 4 yr old WINXP build on Raptor 300gb drives. Considering upgrade to an i5 2500k system vs upgrading components keeping the EVGA 750i FTW and e8400 (not current OC'd). So I'm thinking that SSD's, more memory, win7 and the 560TI would be a short term upgrade until IVY Bridge gets released a year from now. Then replace everything.

So looking for an opinion from my beloved Toms Hardware crew!

I spend most of my time developing with dozens of apps/browsers/IDE's, Local MySQL, Web Server (mucho disk access) and such running... Love to Play games but do so infrequently (who has time when you're starting a company!)

Option 1 - Wait a year...
Keep EVGA 750i FTW / e8400
Consider modest OC of e8400 (to match 560ti)
Upgrade EVGA 8800GTS video to 560 TI (probably stay with EVGA to match board)
Upgrade to win7
Upgrade from 4gb to 8-12gb (Keep/add to OCZ Reaper or switch?)
Upgrade to 240gb SSD RAID for Boot (better to do Raid 0 or 1 with SSD? - any issues with both SSD and HD's? i.e. enabling AHCI conflicts with mechanical drives...will the boards limit of 300mbps bottleneck the SSDs?) - sell Raptors on ebay (anyone want to buy?!)
Keep 1tb RAID Data Drives (WD1001FALS)
Wait for Ivy Bridge to replace system.

Option 2 - Go for it now...
Upgrade to Intel 2500k (Asus p67 Extreme?)
Modest OC of 2500k
Upgrade Video 560 TI???? Better choice?
Upgrade to Win7
8-12gb of memory (which memory best for the recommended board for 2500k?)
240gb SSD Raid for boot (better to do Raid 0 or 1 with SSD?)
2tb Raid Data Drive

Your comments have always been enjoyed and your recommendations on my decision appreciated!
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  1. You can sell your stuff?
  2. I did what you are planning on doing >.> but that was a few months ago. If you are fine right now you should probably wait to see what AMD is putting out for competition with sandy bridge. Otherwise it is a nice jump in performance.
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