Compaq Evo no longer boots/ no video

Hello, older system but has been performing great. Recently when I turned on- it gave one short beep then 2 long beeps and will not boot or send any signal to monitor. I tried removing moving replacing ram. Also tried a different hd without success. Took to office depot for free repair, but they only wanted to sell me a new machine...(am job hunting so no money for that)
Motherboard #283983-001 with integrated video. Can anyone help? I really need this machine back up. I can get new board for about $75, but am not positive that it will fix. Any ideas greatly appreciated. (I don't know subcatergory)
thanks in advance
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  1. Hi there,

    It means bad RAM.

    Can u take the RAM out and place it back again in the same slot?
  2. Post model and CPU and the RAM specs.
  3. BTW, did u do anything inside of the PC?
  4. nikorr said:
    BTW, did u do anything inside of the PC?

    Thanks for reply. (I didn't know my first post showed as I was redirected to sign-up)
    I have removed and reseated ram in both slots and tried different configurations with a new ram without success... will try again and advise.
    Machine was working great and I have not made any modifications in a very long time...

    Thanks again
  5. ps I think model D51C with Pentium 4
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