GTX 260M low frames! Please Help :(

Hey Everyone,

I posted in the gaming section but didn't get any response. I'm really hoping an expert will see this and help me out because this problem is really getting me angry and I am not even able to play Black Ops. So I've had this problem for a while now, I've searched the internet and found almost nothing that worked. I own an Alienware m15x, it has an i7 970 core (1.6 GHz), 4GB RAM, and Nvidia GTX 260M.

When i first got the computer, I was amazed. I had bought Just Cause 2 and the graphics were amazing! I loved it. So then, after a while of using the computer and I am a download addict, my computer started to slow down. The graphics stayed top notch but still the computer was slowing down. Then I decided I should restore my computer, and from then on the FPS problem started. The computer was doing horribly. So I again restored it again. I updated my graphics card's driver and nothing changed. Then after days on Google, I found the general consensus was to downgrade the driver. I did what I was told and downgraded to November 2009. Very little improvement.

Now I come to you guys, the geniuses of technology and ask for your help. My computer is dieing and I am leaving my family and heading to boarding school with my computer incapable to run my favorite game (Black Ops). I don't know what to do and I really appreciate any answer. Thank You :wahoo: .
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  1. alienware m15x with GTX260m is slow on MW2 and Black OPS,

    it use to have no problem, it could be the update with Windows 7 from Vista.

    I took to to a computer pro,, he updated every driver and the computer is still slow,,
    he says that I need to reload Windows 7 and the immeadiately reload all of the drivers, etc.

    It's a mess to fix these things. I'm don't know if that will work.
  2. WHne you open the game , right click and select open with nvidia gpu

    make sure your laptop is plugged in and in hight performance power mode

    also get realtemp and see if it isent clocking itself down because of heat {+80C]
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