Lock LAN IPs to certain MAC Address (Possible?)

Greetings everybody, I hope you are doing well with your networks and able to help me of course :D

I got three devices that connects to the internet, 2 via wireless and one via Ethernet and I got some problems with that, like one of those that connects via wireless, only connects when the network is not secured,

Also the opened ports, it happens when my sister's friends come with their laptops and take my LAN IP :pfff: and of course I would have to wait until they leave.

So I thought of a way which I don't even know whether it is possible or not, and this way is as follows,

1- Remove the wireless SSID password so that the device which can only connect when it is removed can actually connect.
2- Lock the DHCP IP Addresses from to (3 devices) to be increased when someone comes (or not, who cares :kaola:)
3- Lock each IP from those to a certain MAC address which is going to be the 3 device's MAC Addresses to prevent any strangers to have internet for free :p

So my actual question is, is this possible?
The network will be secured that way though there is no password on the wireless, giving that my router is D-Link DSL 2640U

And there is something like a table just below the DHCP in the LAN settings with MAC Address, IP Address and remove, is that what I am talking about?

I am not sure about this, but I think I can use the MAC filter from the wireless settings but that won't fix the ports problem thing, of course I can use this if there is no other way so I need a confirmation about this as well.

Also please aware that my router page is not like the old blue and yellow bars, as you won't find the MAC Address and IP Addresses thing in the LAN settings.

Thank you for your time, eager to hear an answer!
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  1. You can use the MAC filtering feature on your wireless card. You need the wireless card's MAC address and you'll put that into the wireless device's info.

    Look up "mac address filtering" along with your device. If you search their website it should give you a step by step on how to do this.
  2. Thank you, I have already done that.
    Added their MAC Address in the allow list, in addition of my sister's mobile phone.

    I guess that's the best solution in my situation.
  3. Change the DHCP leases to the maximum amount of people who would connect.

    For example, I have 2 laptops at home and a desktop. My DHCP leases are only set to 3. This paired with the MAC address filtering will give you an additional layer of security.
  4. That's exactly what I did,
    Now I am trying to find a USB wireless adapter that would work with that device, I am talking about, not all USB adapters work with it, even if I found the suitable one, I have to remove the password. >.<
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