Hi, I bought a homebuilt desktop computer and today it is giving me...

Hi, I bought a homebuilt desktop computer and today it is giving me alot of issues. Ok, first of all, it all started when i realized that the computer was detecting another display available (composite) that did not exist and it was extending the display so that the mouse cursor would get lost on an imaginary screen when i go far right. So I decided to set the display to only appear on display 1 which was the monitor. After I did this my computer freakin froze so I had to power it off not thinking much of it. Then I turned it back on and something that has never happened before occured. I here the computer powering up and fans engaged, but the monitor is not detected.

So? I try unplugging things and plugging them back in and I think that this worked once or twice, but cannot remember. But when it did work the computer froze soon after startup. Most times the monitor was not detected.

Then i tried the monitor on my other desktop and it worked fine... so i unplugged the monitor from the computer brought it back and it booted up on monitor, then i changed the display to only display 1 again and it worked, then a blue screen poped up saying something about and error that i could not read and restarted....on restart it froze so i had to turn it off.....what the heck i have tryed many different variations of these methods getting mixed results like freezing after logged in, freezing on startup and stupid blue screen error. I also think the usb keyboard i am using may also play a part in this, prolly not though....
I think I also remember getting an option on startup to try and repair and i clicked it and it froze after a while. And of course the most times the monitor was not detected.

So after this absolutely annoying process of trying things out i opened the computer and removed and reinserted the ram/graphics card. Then put the computer back together. My main keyboard/mouse port have been damaged since purchase of this computer a month or two ago and have never worked for me, so i bought a cheap ebay usb mouse/keyboard port adapter knowing this just encase i wanted to use my other keyboard, I hooked up this time for the first time with the usb keyboard/mouse adapter and reinserted parts. This time the computer powered up and i could see the monitor display the optios were available to start windows normally or repair, i clicked repair and it actually worked this time after like 7 mins. i restored it and it was successful, I immediately changed the display to number 1 again and it worked and no more stupid extend display. So what do u guys think about this, I need to know what happened, I don't think it was the usb keyboards because I unplugged them before many bootups and it didn't help before. But maybe that could have been a part of the problem? I am so confused....My computer has been working since the ram/graphics reinsertion + the keyboard/mouse adapter, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt haapppened, please i need to know, encase it happens again. Was it because i removed the parts and reinserted?????????????????
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  1. I'd venture to say that the GPU wasn't fully inserted.
  2. I hope so...
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