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A2 Error and CPU Fan Error on First Boot Up


On my first boot up I am receiving an A2 Display Code on my motherboard. Also, the first boot up screen says CPU Fan Error on my monitor. However, my CPU temps are running at 27 C. Is anyone able to help me out with these issues?

I am using Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe
Corsair H100
Seasonic X-1050 PSU
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  1. for the cpu fan error, go under hardware monitor in the bios, and turn the cpu lower limit down
  2. In the bios, it currently reads N/A for CPU Fan Speed. So, The CPU Fan Speed Low Limit is 600 RPM. Should I turn this down to 500 or 400 RPM?
  3. I tried turning the CPU lower limit down and I am still getting a CPU fan error? Could it be that I have a faulty H100 unit?
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    no, my CM hyper 212 does the same thing, i would set it to ignored, and just keep watch on temps for a while
  5. Yeh, I finally figured it out. I just set it to ignore and it all works.
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