Asus P8X68-Deluxe - WinXP - Problem Accessing Internet Connection

Boy, this has been the build from hell. It's the third computer I've assembled in 10 years and has taken two weekends to get to where I am.

I have an Asus p8z68 deluxe/Gen3 mobo with the Intel i7/2700k SandyBridge CPU, G-Skill 1600 ram (8GB), and SATA and SCSI drives.

Spent a day trying to figure out why the mobo seemed to be posting but nothing on the screen; had to remove something from a USB port to get video feed.

Spent a day trying to figure out why I could not get Win XP onto this system - problem was that Win XP does not have the SATA drivers and Asus mobo does not have IDE (also the IDE bios setting did not work).

Anyhow, I now have Windows XP, SP3, on my harddrive and it boots up. All drivers have been installed, and when I plug the ethernet cable into the built-in rear connector of the mobo, the LED next to the receptacle comes on, and when I look at the Intel ethernet card in Windows Device Mgr it shows that it is receiving a signal from the ethernet cable (and I know it is working because everything else on the cable is working).

However, I can't seem to set up an ethernet connection in Win XP for the life of me, and if I open Windows Explorer 8, it is as though there is no cable connected. I am really stumped because, again, it appears that all the built-in LAN and ethernet devices have been properly installed from Win XP's perspective and have their proper drivers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I don't necessarily have an answer for you (should be working, if the NIC is detected and the drivers are installed correctly. You may need to check to see if the network settings are set up correctly), but I do have a question. Why Windows XP on a system like that?
  2. Main reasons for Windows XP are that I own it, all of my applications run in it, I don't have any problems with it (once it is actually fully operational), and I couldn't see a good reason to drop some more cash for a newer version of Windows, particularly if it means I will have to buy some of the applications all over again. The only sales pitch that might get my attention is that, according to the Asus mobo manual, Win XP cannot use more than 3.5GB of RAM, regardless of how much you install on the board.
  3. I uninstalled the Intel LAN/ethernet device that is built into the P8Z68 mobo and downloaded a set of Intel drivers from the Asus website. The drivers come in a zipped folder, and when you extract them there is an Intel installation application to install and configure the drivers. Unfortunately, when I try to run that, it says that the Windows (xp) Installer Service is not available, and there is an explanation that it could be because I am running in safe mode or because Win installer service is not installed correctly. I am not running in safe mode and some other things have installed without a problem. Maybe they do not use Win installer service. I have had this problem intalling other things though -- the error about Windows Installer Service not being installed correctly. I followed a Microsoft KB bulletin about making sure XP was looking in the right place for it, check the registry entries, etc. Everything is in the right place so I don't know why I have that problem. Very frustrating time so far.

    If I can get the ethernet connection working, I am hopeful that Win XP will be able to download anything else it needs from the internet. Thanks for any suggestions about either the win installer or configuring the Intel lan card.
  4. Try everything in the order it says to here

    It sounds like you may have already done something similar to what's described there (if not even exactly what it says), but if you haven't, it's worth a shot.

    Otherwise, all I can think of is a reformat and reinstall.

    I understand not wanting to upgrade Windows if you don't have to, but unless you have a business that NEEDS XP for compatibility purposes, it's worth upgrading for the use of the 8GB of RAM alone. You already have it, so just letting 4GB sit there doing nothing is a waste, IMO.

    And Widows 7 is compatible with every 32 bit (and 64 bit, of course, with Win 7 x64, which you should get anyway) application that I know of, so that's not really a factor. If you have some older peripheral hardware that doesn't have drivers for a newer OS than XP, then I can understand that, but truthfully, if that's the case, just dual boot.
  5. Thanks, DJ. I did try the KB support bulletin and I am still having the same problem with the Window Installation Service. I started the process of loading a fresh copy of Win XP using the DVD that I made with n-lite (to pick up the SATA and SCSI drivers that XP otherwise would not recognize). Unfortunately for some reason the setup program does not see the existing version of XP on my harddrives, and since my copy of XP is an upgrade, it won't proceed with the installation. As you can tell, the whole thing is very flaky.

    I'm ready to throw in the towel now. You win, Microsoft. I just read that if you buy the 32 bit version of Vista or Win 7, you will have the same situation with the memory; anything over 4GB will not be used. So I guess you have to buy the 64bit if you want to make use of the memory. Hopefully all my applications will work okay with that.
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