Ati radeon compatibility chart

how can I find out what graphics cards are compatible with a Intel
D845HV motherboard. Pentium 4 2.0
GHZ CPU.Exisitng Nvidia GEForce 6600 bad,and dont want NVidia with the
NV4_disp problem. thx
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  1. It can only use AGP video cards.

    You can get the HD 4650 for $70 after rebate.

    The fastest card you can buy is the HD 4670 for $125, but your CPU will hold it back since it is slow.
  2. geforce 6600 is all you need. if your getting nv4disp problem use driversweeper to remove old drivers and install the latest drivers.
  3. Thx to both Iam2 and Jaguar for your replies. Installed latest drivers and see a slider in the
    driver control panel to adjust between performance and quality. I chose the middle of that slider
    which Nvidia refers to as Balanced. There are other custom settings but have
    no idea how to adjust to use less PC resources. I installed the 266.58 Driver package. Got
    BSOD once in a while in the past now wtg for new Ram to arrive by mail. Going from 256 to
    1024. Maybe this will help.
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